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1on1- Off Road - Trail Training / Glasshouse Mtns

1on1 off road - Trail Training is for riders of any experience level on any style of enduro / adventure / scrambler / trail motorcycles, catering to your requirements & goals that you would like to achieve during your training. If you have a friend you want to train with let us so we can create a group booking. We have all required commercial insurance and permits to deliver training in GHM state forest areas.


Off Road 1 on 1 Trail training is for any rider looking to enhance their off road riding performance. The course is suitable for beginner to experienced riders of any style of registered motorbike. We tailor the training to your needs as required based on experience bike style and your goals.

Skills and techniques we can achieve for you but certainly not limited to:

Posture - sitting & standing while riding straight, through corners and obstacles

Steering - learn to turn your bike like never before, its a vital skill that many riders want to get better at but perform incorrectly, learn various methods for different situations to make your bike manoeuvre effortlessly,  regardless of the terrain.

Braking - if you want to go faster or find a flow to your riding it starts at your braking performance, sitting,  standing hard and aggressive or just smooth with confidence on loose terrain is what you can achieve with knowing what you can do with both of your brakes.

Trail Braking - straight to control suspension compression and rebound over obstacles & cornering is where trail braking is performed, if you want more grip or turn in easier this is for you.

System of control -  want to become a advanced rider, all you need is a  a system of control that works in any situation then build upon it, that's how you become what people refer to as a advanced rider. We can enhance your thought process to riding and provide a clear system that you can build upon.

Terrain - Sand, slippery surface, rocks, rock step ledges, ruts, and more

We have found that regular deliberate focus on techniques is essential for muscle memory of skills to be delivered in various types of terrain when out exploring. Practice makes perfect if you know you are doing it correct.

Maybe you have completed training with us before and want to refresh or maybe you have not had any formal training, don't worry this experience is designed to confirm, enhance or teach techniques for any rider riding any registered bike just conducted with less formal structure like our group training courses. If you are looking for a more deliberate approach to formal lesson structure look into our ADVENTURE BIKE COURSES or get in touch to discuss options.



1. Have Own registered, road & dirt worthy motorcycle of choice. off road or road bias we don't mind we can Taylor routes to suit you, just let us know what bike you are riding.(appropriate tyres for off road surface, not street tyres please unless you want more of a challenge) 

2. Licensed appropriately for motorcycle of choice. RE L license holders welcome, ensure supervised by appropriate license holder.(let us know if you don't have one we will see if we can do something to help that situation)

3. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. Helmets must be AUS standard.

4. If concerned or want to specifically ensure we can cover something you want to learn or try let us know via our email or phone the office.

5. This is an unsupported Course as in the only support you have is the trainer not support vehicle or medical etc. So ensure own spares, fuel, gear etc. is all serviceable, our trainer can and will look after you for duration within course structure. If you have any questions you are worried about give us a call about your concerns, don't worry our trainer will not leave you in the middle of no where unless you ask.

6. If the date and times does not work for you please get in touch to organise the possibility of another time that suits you and us.

What to bring

Water / snacks and appropriate gear for riding.

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